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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Business Consultant Logo Design

Sterling & Black

Designed a logo for a business consultation firm that delivers exceptional service to clients who need business strategies created and ultimately implemented. They also provide technology integration and organizational development services.

Johann Elysee, the owner of this company, had a vision of a minimalistic, yet stylish logo design. Black and white were the colors chosen, they give off a professional air while also being striking yet minimalist. The font used is a serif style, which further gives off an air of professionalism, while also standing out and evoking a tried and true, trustworthy image.

The logo was designed for use in all manner of applications. The simple black and white is great for letterheads, business cards and stationery, but because of the bold choice of colors, it is also able to be utilized on things like images with no issues.

Color Scheme: