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September 1, 2017
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September 1, 2017

Website for a local business loan provider

JD Capital Solutions

Designed and created a website for JD Capital, a load company based in Brooklyn, New York. The firm provides loans for businesses, as well as for personal needs, weddings and start-ups. The owners, Joel Brach and David Freidman, envisioned a modern and slick design for their website.

The design chosen manages to be sleek and minimalist, while at the same time providing a wealth of information in an easy to access manner. The colors chosen were primarily blues and golds, evoking feelings of trust and professionalism. The website is headed with a large image colored blue, accompanied by the company’s tagline. Further down the page is information, as well as a link to register for a phone consultation.

The website describes all manner of services that the company provides, including information on the founders. The site also has the ability for users to apply for a loan and even partner with JD Capital. There is also a page featuring testimonials from customers who have had experiences with the company, accompanied by photographs.

Color Scheme: