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November 9, 2019
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    Recently, two enthusiastic medical professionals came to Anna Young to help market a newly-approved medical product made by women for women: Anti-Fungal Buttery Balm, an anti-fungal cream designed especially for a lady's more delicate parts. Upon hearing about the product, Anna knew she could build a site to match their vision and help share their product with the world. The resulting site combines elegance with femininity, using casual fonts and relevant images to show the product and its possible uses in the best light. Visitors who may be experiencing irritation and annoyance can follow the website on a journey to wellness and healing.

    Soothing colors, breezy navigation, and well-placed, bite-sized informational messages help to make this website a great place for women looking to order an anti-fungal cream made especially for them. Functions include a purchase page, newsletter signup, thumbnail photos with Instagram links to recent posts, and contact form. Following the site's release, customers praised the layout - and of course the opportunity to purchase a great product online. You can view the site at www.ladybits-us.com.

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