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September 2, 2017
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September 1, 2017

Non-profit and Social-Driven Website

New Destiny Family Success Center

Designed and created a website for New Destiny Family Success Center, based in Paterson, New Jersey. Carolyn McCombs, the owner of the firm, had a clear vision that she wanted this to be a modern, attractive website. The website describes the various programs and activities the center provides, as well as success stories and information for those who need it.

New Destiny partners with other 75 other community organizations, and in 2016 served over 2000 families for free. The organization has helped families with learning language, parenting skills, how to apply for tax returns, as well as classes helping people to learn how to cook. The organization is an important and strategic center that gives the diverse Paterson community a place to come together. The site also features information on the center’s partnership with Paterson Public School 6.

The website design itself is bright, colorful, eliciting feelings of hope and happiness. The main page prominently features imagery of a happy family enjoying their time together, a crucial goal of the organization. The main page is image-heavy, allowing visitors to get a clear, concise idea of what the organization does, and how it can help them. There is also a donation page, which allows people to donate to the organization via a variety of methods. This new website has ultimately helped the center to attract more charitable donations, as well as win more governmental grants.

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