Trifold Design for a Sailing Firm

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July 17, 2017
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July 17, 2017

Trifold Design for a Sailing Cruises Company

Empire Sailing

Created an eye-catching and colorful trifold brochure for Empire Sailing, a provider of sailing tours, based in Brooklyn, New York. This brochure was designed to describe and sell sailing packages to potential customers. The design is bold, yet calming, conveying a sense of adventure while at the same time calming and soothing potential customers with its bold, deep blues.

The pictures used are bright and crisp, and are used throughout the entirety of the brochure. An image of the ocean was used as a background to the main page, ensuring the sailing and ocean themes were visible even when reading about the fine details.

This brochure design also included a logo design, with the words Empire Sailing displayed as a group of islands, as this attracts a lot of attention. The letters were superimposed onto the ocean background of the main page, grabbing the viewer’s attention, and making the logo look more natural and appealing.

The customer also requested that many images of beautiful sailing boats and yachts, as well as use of a lot of water in the design. This was done to ensure that the customers were given a preview of the sorts of sailing vacations Empire Sailing offered, offering them a sneak peek into the sorts of adventured them could be having with this company.

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Published in August 2015

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